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Hapësira is more than mere clubbing escapism, a social symbol of the new Kosovo identity being the second youngest country in the world after 2008 independence. Cultivated as the contemporary advancement in the capital Pristina and to be worthy of finding ‘the’ cultural answer, for the last 5 years Hapësira’ team has shaped the historical Rilindja Printing House in a warehouse through art, music, education. Footprints leading up in all vibrant directions, simply considering how worthwhile can be to pursue own passions, perhaps even more fortified by the social-political responsibility of the collective. Indeed, Hapësira attendees contributed to distributing food parcels in most deprived Kosovan areas, they carried 1kg of food in exchange for a discounted ticket price.

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The message that conveys is wonderful: never give up. Boosted daringly the club scene in Pristina with numerous electronic subgenres, by inviting Blawan, Daniel Avery, DVS1, Luigi Tozzi, Vril… As Uran Badivuku states “It would be false to say that Hapësira only represents the techno sound since our open air’s ‘Vision of Beyond’ and ‘Prelude to the Visions’ are the softer concepts having in mind that its audience is also more diverse. It is accurate to say that the Rilindja warehouse concentrates the raw sounds of techno due to its concept. But all in all, we believe that all invited artists have an interconnection within the scene, and that is what makes Hapësira when at curating its program”.

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