It was on a Wednesday in 2012 that a group of three friends from the French city of Lyon decided to embark on a journey. Little did they know at the time, but less than a decade later this brainstorm would come to transform the musical life of their city. Though Lyon has developed a well-respected techno scene in recent years, the story was very different in the time of Tapage Nocturne’s origins. As the very first collective to bring artists like CJ Bolland and Dax J to France’s third biggest city, their name has since become synonymous with quality and experimentalism in the minds of electronic music fans across Lyon.

From their very first party in one of the city’s most commercial clubs, Tapage Nocturne has lived by a simple musical creed: any genre, any type, as long as it’s good. Orbiting around the worlds of acid, industrial, and mental techno, Tapage now organizes over 25 parties in Lyon every year, ranging from small venue events with lineups filled with new local talent, to massive headliner packed warehouse events at Lyon's landmark venue, Le Transbordeur.

Their philosophy of openness also extends beyond the music, with the collective putting all possible efforts into fostering a sense of family, acceptance, and inclusivity at their parties. For Tapage Nocturne, techno is not just about music: it’s a culture, and a way to communicate with everyone who decides to be a part of it.


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