How long has Warsaw been so hot so far? In two years 999 collective has radically consolidated fiery events around the capital of Poland what can be defined ‘caressing clubbers paletes’. It is by no means how much time you are on the scene that matters, but the manner in which you have done it, conscious of working to enhance Polish electronic underground music. Even when the police didn't believe that the party was going on for 50 hours non-stop in one of 999 outside venue edition, and then during the last set after realizing it was all true they stopped the rave for too many neighbors complaints.

Insightful manifesto expanding in a dense calendar by 999, some of the acts as Evigt Mörker, JASSS, Private Press, SHXCXCHCXSH live, Sunil Sharpe, Zeitgeber (Speedy J & Lucy). Almost 2 weekly club parties and much more as a collective to socially connect and share love with their thrilled audience. Taking up what Mateusz Skiba, leading face of the crew, sums up: “People perceive 999 as raw, intense, obscure but I guess we would like to not limit ourselves by any means. As long as identity is honest, we think it is fine. But yeah, we like it intense”.

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