How do you define your sense of belonging to the electronic scene and clubbing?
Well I think anyone that can consider himself as an artist or a DJ, automatically belongs to the electronic music scene. That's why it is so interesting, that everybody is welcome only with the interest of the music. This is something that happens when the music truly gets to you as an individual and then it becomes a special force to share with others.

How did the scene develop in your country and which events were the trigger?
It started in the late 80ties with a small group of people doing parties with an invitation under the radar. Iceland has always been influenced by Uk. So the Acid House culture was brought in to the city of Reykjavik early compare to other countries. The Rave and the old-school Hardcore was represented from 1990 – 1992 on the Radio by a group of DJs called the B-side. They were at the top of the game. Getting all the fresh new records straight from London only a few days after it was released. Goldie was actually doing a collaboration with members of the radio show, a band called Ajax. The illegal parties grew bigger and then when Icelandic clubs welcomed the scene another radio show took over. A collective of House and Techno DJs called Party Zone. Again the radio show was the most important factor. There you could listen to the new electronic dance music. Iceland was really on point when presenting the new flavor for the people.

Which sounds and influences represent you?
In 1992 I got sucked in the Rave/Oldschool Hardcore vibe. Then I followed the development into the Jungle in 1993. I left it for House music in spring 1994 but discovered Techno in the autumn/winter 94. And I have stayed on the dark side of electronic music ever since. So Techno it is....even though I like most of it.

Which are the national and international labels that deserve a mention from you?
The national labels that are worth to mention is definitely “BBBB” Bjarki’s label. It's doing pioneering stuff and releasing very interesting artists. Bjarki has its own unique sound and it makes me happy to see a lot of the artists of the scene copy his sound. I would also mention the good old Thule Records for what they use to represent back in the days. As for international labels, I could mention a lot. Trip, Figure, Mosaic, Axis Records, and Basic Channel. But I think nowadays, the label factor does not matter. There is so much good music coming out on unknown and new labels. It seems to be easy to find good music like that as there are many channels to watch out for good music.

Among the artists, who do you think helped with the growth and the development of the scenes? Between past and present
I think the promoters with the love of the music are the most valuable players in the scene. The ones with the vision of their events. They are the ones who introduce the music to the people in their hometowns and cities of their countries. They do the hardest work in order to make great parties for the people. They choose the artists they think fit for their events and then the artists to get the chance to represent themself in different territories. This is how music involves and develops. So definitely the promoters are so important. Also, all the radio hosts that dedicate their time to introduce music for the listeners. They are the ones who send out music to the people out there. Then the people working in the record stores. And of course all the music-loving media, like you guys, at SCENE - clubbing heritage.

Clubs and venues that have particularly affected you?
It was a great inspiration to play at Tresor in 1999. It was my first international Dj gig. There was also a club in Iceland called Paloma. I was able to play very hard and fast Techno in the year of 2015-2018. All the Colombian clubs and venues I played at had a very unique and special energy as well.

How is the present? What strengths and problems do scenes face up?
The scene was booming everywhere in the world before the COVID. So many DJs were strongly active, a lot of new DJs coming in and older Djs like myself had a busy and tight touring schedule. Hopefully, things will go back to that state. It's under us to lift the scene higher when things get better. I sure hope.

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