How do you define your sense of belonging to the electronic scene and clubbing?
I conceive the electronic scene as an expression way, a space for the genuine freedom manifestation. The electronic scene and its various spaces allow us to experiment the sound exploration, interaction and cultural exchange but also, are spaces to get mental regulation through experiences of freedom in a society subjected in different ways.

How did the scene develop in your country and which events were the trigger?
In Colombia, electronic music has been taking space in recent years due to the work of many promoters and artists around the country. Today, it is possible to appreciate a growing scene, with a large number of proposals in various genres, however, it is necessary to continue working on the professionalization processes both in the events production and the level of artists and record labels management. In the last 15 years, the creation of events and festivals such as Bogotrax and Freedom have been fundamental for internal development, they have allowed people to acquire knowledge around music, which is essential for the community to go beyond the dancefloor. Before the virus, the Colombian electronic scene was going through an interesting moment in terms of growth, with this rest period, I’m sure we will see the development of new proposals but also a maturation process of existing ones.

Which sounds and influences represent you?
I feel very connected with nature. I have a degree in Biology, and for me, nature is an important aspect in my life. I try to connect both dimensions: biology and music in my artistic proposal.

Which are the national and international labels that deserve a mention from you?
In the last few months, I have been compiling information about Colombian labels. To my surprise, I found more than 60 proposals that cover different genres, House and Techno in multiple types, Minimal, electro, trance, drum & bass, and other fusions difficult to classify. If you want to take a look and learn more about Colombian electronic music production I include some names here: Binaural Records, Cámbrico, Default Series, Discos Esmeralda, Discos Hechizos, Discos Nutabe, Ediciones Danza Negra, ÉTER, Exotérmica, From a lost place, Insurgentes, Monofónicos, Nott, Oculta Records, Pildoras Tapes, Raw Qwarter, Re.Set, Refluxed Records, Road Trip Recordings, Rouge, Rubber Mind, Seis Records, Tra Tra Trax, Virescence Records, Wicked Waves, Worms Records, Rio Negro Records, Techsound, Voltaica.. Internationally, I find the curation process carried out by Denovali Records very inspiring.

Among the artists, who do you think helped with the growth and the development of the scenes? Between past and present
For me this question is very difficult to answer. I believe that each country has important people and artists who make historical moments and development possible. In Colombia, there is a very long list of people involved, artists like Deraout, Sonico, SeBass, Ado, and long before Gerardo and Jayway made immense contributions to the development of the Colombian electronic music scene. In the global case, without a doubt the movement generated in Detroit was fundamental.

Clubs and venues that have particularly affected you?
Bude Club in Georgia has been without a doubt, one of the most special performances, incredibly energetic and memorable, I never felt something similar in another European city, I hold that club in my heart.

How is the present? What strengths and problems do scenes face up?
We are facing one of the worst moments in socio-economic terms. Many clubs will not be able to reopen, there are countless artists affected, jobs lost, and uncertainty for the future. It is a time to value the simple things and review ourselves internally. I believe the moments of greatest difficulty allow us to reinvent ourselves and change, perhaps this is an opportunity. I think this is a period of cleaning on a personal and collective level and I want to see the horizon with a positive attitude.

Aleja Sanchez's Top 10 Favourite Tracks:

Reggy Van Oers & Aleja Sanchez - el Mito del Alma
Dino Sabatini - Ritual
Reggy Van Oers - Alternating Silence
Deepbass - Process
Future Suns - Eraldo Bernocchi and Hoshiko Yamane
Raindrops - Emil Brandqvist Trio
Painless Steel - Bohren & der Club of Gore
Mika Vainio, Alva Noto - Movement 4
Loscil - Weeds

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