In August 2016 ZVUK collective organised their first party in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan. Ever since that first night, ZVUK has brought a huge change to the underground culture of Almaty as they provide a place for a young generation of (local) artists and clubbers who want to break with the traditional structures in society that derived from Kazakh communistic supremacy in the past. Their goal is to make people aware of the cultural side of nightlife which should be distinguished from the dominating glut of bars and commercial clubs.

Embracing a deconstructed club music element, ZVUK’s identity is impressive. The fact that a lot of people in Almaty haven’t even experienced much straight forward techno doesn’t stop the collective from hosting experimental nights where you can listen to distorted synthesizers and aggressive percussive elements. With artists like Giant Swan, An-I and their founder/resident Nazira Kassenova ZVUK represents a sound that even in Europe is being considered as avant-garde. Despite the costs, ZVUK delivers free events to make sure everyone with the right mindset can attend. It’s not about making money, but about encouraging people to explore a different way of nightlife.

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