In the cultural hub Osijek, the largest city in east Croatia, TRAUM events take root in 2015 to answer to the lethargic underground scene. Focusing to ensure an authentic techno experience, TRAUM works in an unconventional way doing everything from scratch through their hands and the amazing help of friends, as occurred with the last site Bastion Tvrđa. In other words, it’s their specialty. As mentioned by one of the heads behind the project Sunčica Barišić, better known as Insolate, they rent places and carefully rearrange them into the party venues impacting on audio-visual quality.

Hardly working for every event giving a home to their ravers and carefully selecting international artists as Paula Temple, Amotik, Etapp Kyle, Milton Bradley just to mention a few, TRAUM’ motto is “Close your eyes, open your ears”.

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