The early steps for an electronic scene in Beirut date back to the late 1990s, and certainly the club that paved the way for the flourishing of Lebanese scene is B018, a bomb shelter with an opening industrial roof. Subsequently, it served as a nurturing home for TeknoAnd crew formed during the last months of 2016 by young and passionate music lovers with the mission of the dissemination of techno in its many overshadowed forms. Answering the calls of warehouse echoes with a new army of hard stomping ravers from the Middle East, TeknoAnd team works as one, motivated to refine the perception of clubbing and to instill underground music and artistic environment. Beyond the historic B018, they have also launched nights in The Grand Factory, AHM, Ballroom Blitz and The Shelter.

Widening Lebanon’s scene into a new dimension and by strengthening the community itself, TeknoAnd delivered a signature sound of dark, raw, rhythmic flavor inviting the biggest names that techno devotees should not miss: Oscar Mulero, Ryan James Ford, Slam, Speedy J, Tobias, I Hate Models, and so many others in their almost 4 years of operation. Beirut will continue bouncing its way up the list of top places to party, where nightlife and entertainment will continue to evolve.


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