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Transgressively expanded across the Baltic sea archipelago of Stockholm to solve the gap that the mainstream scenario generates, ФОМО party surpasses monotony and banality standing on the side of the Swedish underground community. In this way, it was possible to exit from the conventional schemes due to the interaction of Lana Lain, Russian-origins DJ, progressively involved as an event manager, and then with the help of local enthusiasts around 2016, ФОМО series came out. Combining sexual, LGBT and queer expressivity, ФОМО is the crossover between techno and fetish in the Sweden scene where door policy, invitation flexible dresscode guarantee an environment of freedom and acceptance.

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Darkness, seduction, versatility intertwined and reflected also in the music played, influenced by Eastern European and local motions. Suggesting from the acid-gabber sound of the Danish new generation to EBM, punk and industrial released by labels as 47 or aufnahme+widergabe, but always pushing ahead the vision of the classic minimalistic techno. Showcasing Perc, Stanislav Tolkashev, or Tommy Four Seven in their club parties, allow us to say that the watchword in Stockholm is [sweaty].

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