Back in 2014, some founders of OCTOV transferred their passion for electronic music from France to Canada with the purpose to exposed the techno scene in Montreal. Whar started as a joke behind stickers stating "On Casse Tout On Vomit" (we break everything we vomit), OCTOV surprisingly managed to bring togheter a community and their impetus and growth from bar gigs in the lightning of proper raves of 700 or more people. One of the members says: "Enjoy music and dance is our way to escape day to day routine, a way to be united with one another, one thing to remember about our scene is that the different collectives are most of the time collaborative and trying to bild something in common than being at war in order to have only one winner".

In jut two years they were able to find a good balance in booking local and international artists, always filling the site with a lot of efort into scenography, lights and colors. Musically speaking, they point out driving and thrilling techno from the likes of Bjarki, Boston 168 and SNTS to name a few in a large serving

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