In March 2017 Mina set up their first Lisbon rave after which they managed to create a strong community of people who are in search of a clubbing experience without prejudice or negativity. Born in Portugal to be a place where you can drift away and explore yourself and others in a safe way, Mina is known for their diversity in sound by which they challenge their clubbers to discover the full spectrum of electronic music: from acid-tinged electro to techno with ravey influences. This musical identity is carried out by a team of residents such as Violet, Marum and Photonz who are accompanied by local and international guests.

However, their concept isn’t limited to organizing raves alone as the collective strives to be a platform that is operating on several fronts. Members of the collective have set up ‘Suspension’ which serves as a quasi-agency (part-label and part artistic platform) which focuses on electronic music and clubbing, but also organises panel discussions on topics like mental health. This way they aim to contribute in policymaking, because in the end it is all about giving their community a voice in the place they live in.

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