28-08-2020 gains strength in the historical Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. In 2016, their birth date, the original idea behind was being a series of events but podcasts as well, that’s what FM stands for. Nowadays there is an increasing need for safe places where artistic expression must be performed, Materia has made this possible for Czech attendees, and not only considering the large influx of foreigners. Directed by Arturo Legorreta for the sake of the culture, their events mostly happen in space 36 Underground, a stone venue with the name that perfectly underlines the perception you live inside.

Music-wise is versatile techno orientation, they don’t compromise with bounders or any specific tag, exploring and proposing new sounds and styles to the crowd. This has led people to feel comfortable as they have a different kind of experience, where acceptance and variations are welcome. Encouraging fresh talents from Prague and attracting an enthusiastic audience with names such as Rebekah, Matrixxman, Tijana T … it is definitely a party to drop by.

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