In February 2015 Lizdas brought much-needed change to a small city in Lithuania called Kaunas. While scouting warehouse locations, Lizdas’ promoters bumped into the former museum, Zilinka galleries, and the idea of an independent music club popped up. Lidzas means ‘The Nest’ in Lithuanian which is a good denotation since it is a place where you feel welcome and are attracted to come back. Something that was missing throughout Kaunas after the end of the Soviet industrialization and it played a vital part for growth in cultural matters.

Delivering electronic nights every Friday and Saturday, Lizdas is aware of many shapes of the genre considering they constantly host international selectors to render each event unique for different tastes. Free of undesirable people, you can find out underground music switching over tense, metal, warm, hypnotic sounds in the house and techno styles with guests such as Palms Trax, Francois X, Sassy J, Kangding Ray, Voiski … and the quality list is a very long one.

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