On the Caspian Sea in the Caucasus region, Azerbaijan's capital Baku is the largest city thereby was necessary progress about experimental elements in culture and society. Since the first club opening in 2015, iN withstood with resistance and inclusion to a series of setbacks floating from place to place and then settle down as popular techno space to rave between Europe and Asia. Overcoming troubles with their country being intolerant and particularly attached to traditional habits and customs, “iN comes from Azerbaijani word ‘indi’, which translates to ‘now’ - and captures the now-or-never mentality of the people behind the project.”

Bringing something meaningful to expand the scene in Baku, iN co-founder Natig Ismayil led to Azerbaijani ravers a quality space for clubbing. With already more than 300 parties to their credit and also hosting nights in collaboration with other realities such as Tbilisi, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague, exchanging local artists to create a pattern among the crews. iN placed into a massive abandoned printing house where old pipes and ventilation shafts form the club’s labyrinth-like chill zone which perfectly accompanies widely reverberating and mesmerizing, Techno journeys.

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