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No doubts, C12 is a crucial factor for the ever-evolving culture and music in the European Union’s home, Brussels. Starting in 2012 to organize events in various places around Belgium like Fuse, Recyclart, Kompass under the collective “Deep in House”, paving the way to assure a rosy future to the Belgian clubbing scene. After a while, they ended up in the depths of the capital unique venue Horta Gallery, next to the Grand-Place and the Central Station. Developing C12 as a pluridisciplinary concept featuring club nights, art installations, concerts, exhibitions, and opening its doors with the target to promote respect and tolerance in a safe house. Accordingly, their minimal vision is to offer something that is not already perceivable elsewhere, putting more emphasis on preserving the vibe.

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Avant-garde masterpiece, C12 stands for ‘every music which triggers your mind, your body, your soul’ as Tom Brus confides: ‘What happens at C12 stays at C12’. Reaching the level of the biggest clubs in the world, C12 is in action usually holding oversized line-ups that include players such as DjRum, Dj Stingray, Shanti Celeste, Surgeon, Takaaki Itoh, or special acts as Planetary Assault System, Doms & Deykers (Martyn & Steffi), Ugandan Methods (Regis & Ancient Methods)...yes it really sounds downright mouth-watering.

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