In the multifaceted and fervent Spanish clubbing scene, analyzing the present and a non-commercial current, the determination of the collective Bahn has made itself felt in Barcelona in a short span of time. The difference lies in the authenticity, that is, giving a musical offer since late 2017 disconnected by fashion behavior. Focusing on being a community with its record label and resident artists, the secret ingredient of Bahn’s ride is deep techno, the kind that takes you far away with your mind and hypnotizes you, the kind that you’ll remember. The Bahn journey has not only made an impression in Spain in the city of the Catalonia but also internationally, with partnerships in Khidi (Tbilisi) or in Suicide Circus (Berlin).

Bahn's deeper side has been a challenge for the Barcelona nightlife, developing the project in different clubs like the legendary Moog, LAUT, Razzmatazz, and in the latter obtaining a much-deserved monthly residence. Inviting artists such as Setaoc Mass, Leiras, Nørbak for the city’s debut and releasing a program with Fabrizio Lapiana, Peter Van Hoesen, Takaaki Itoh, Wata Igarashi and Wrong Assessment. Collaborations, gigs, music releases, carried to the growth of local artists and with the desire to do. The idea was to centre on the most important thing, the music and we can say: well done Bahn!

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