Considering how impactful ‘belonging to a scene’ can be, we shouldn’t consider clubbing only as a form of resistance, vitality and creativity, but also for its unwritten rules of social interaction.

Music is at the centre of clubbing – it brings the different scenes together and will always determine clubbing’s ever-changing identity. However, music, in this sense, should be understood as an experience rather than a passive activity of simple listening. For most of us, this experience appeals to the unique emotions that are brought about by understanding the nature of the different scenes that are present between artists, crews and clubbers. Clubbing scenes are entangled with notions of identity, style, and the feeling of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

The "Scene" project intends to create a digital and interactive platform. This platform will serve as an encyclopaedia that describes the history of electronic music scenes in different territories. All of this will be possible through the contribution of stories by the people who shaped electronic music into what it is today. The clubbing experience exists because of the joint interaction of artists, sector operators and clubbers. Through photographic content, interviews and stories, it will be possible to follow the experiences of these different actors and also get to know their thoughts on delicate issues and problems related to the world of clubbing.